Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Two storms we fly by in the plane on the way home

yum deli sammich
the lovely Yardhouse and it's wonderful brews

Luca draws magic

Lego Artoo and threepio
Lego Chewbacca
Mighty Mouse And Granpa Munster!

More Elvira
Huge Palm Tree
Family Guy Panel
Hiro's Dad: George Takei

that about wraps it up i suppose....


Unknown said...

I Love I mean Elvira. She's Awesome. And to know she likes Dr Pepper is also a Plus!! I hope she's there next year I wanna photo!!
I thought if you take free pictures the celebs wrestle the camera from you and ask for money. Maybe that was your intention with Elvira??
You should have asked Lou what the hell he was thinking being in that King of Queens Lamo Show!! YUCK!!

Jon McNally said...

Oh, man, that Chewbacca is aw-w-wesome.