Saturday, August 04, 2007

Outside of the convention
Me and FrankenBerry
Shifflet sculpture
Shifflet Brothers and Friends panel ( they Sculpt amazing schtuff!)

Lou Ferrigno : The Incredible Hulk
I didn't meet Henson Matt, but i did meet the Muppets! lol


Unknown said...

What The??!! Now I'm Mad I'll have to try and do something even bigger and meet Miss Piggy!! KEEEYYAAA!!

FrankenBerry, we don't have cereal like that here. I was watching the old ads on youtube. I want to try out Count Chocula maybe next year when I make the big journey!! I found a store that imports from the US boxes of Cap'n Crunch and Lucky Charms here for $16! I think I can wait!! ;)

AtomicTerrier said...

i can send you a box if you like...
If you like loosing teeth then you'll love it!

I know I do!