Monday, April 23, 2007

A few days ago I read on the Clubhouse forum about using a saw blade for a rake tool and man I had an old sawblade in the junk drawer. So i grabbed an exactoknife handle bent thesaw blade in a few spots and BAM! Instant rake tool for me.

So here I'm using the rake tool on the Dragon's neck area to rough it up. Next I bake the whole thing once again , once it's cooled I add more Super Sculpey to the neck. I flesh it out and smooth it.
then after that I 'Draw' the scales in with a needle type tool. It's the pointy light handled one on the tool pic.

After that i try and give the scales some depth. By pressing in a kemper spoon tool in the front of each scale and leaving the rear it gives it that overlapped look and feel. After I hit that with a heat gun I toss it in the oven again and when it cools i clean up the scales . This is usually sanding with multiple grit papers...then using an exacto for any excess that's not cool scale details.

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